January 2020 – The SDI 2020 Digital Democracy Report

The Solonian Democracy Institute is publishing its first comparative analysis of eDemocracy Software – the SDI 2020 Digital Democracy Report.

In the report we have analysed 10 leading vendors of eDemocracy Software active in the following areas:

  • Decision-Making / Voting
  • Deliberation & Consensus-Building
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Idea Generation / Ideation

Our aim is to provide a repository for policy makers, NGOs and academics, as well as for the democracy software industry itself on what is possible in this space. This report is the first step in this process.

Please click on the image on the left or here to download the report. Please feel free to share this as widely as possible. If you would like to keep up to date on developments in this area, please also consider clicking here to sign up to our newsletter.





November 2019 – The SDI eDemocracy Analysis

The Solonian Democracy Institute is currently creating the first ever comparative analysis of democracy-enabling software solutions (eDemocracy Software). As part of the analysis we are evaluating over a dozen different solution providers active in the following areas:

– Participatory Budgeting
– Online Deliberation
– Decision-Making / Voting
– Consensus-Building
– Idea Generation – Ideation

We are assessing eDemocracy Software across more than 40 criteria under four headings (Functionality, Mission/Vision, Ability to Execute & Security).

The final report, scheduled to be released in November 2019, will be circulated to public sector institutions, academic researchers and NGOs to enable both private and public clients to select the best solution for their eDemocracy project.


Credit: SON Photographic Ltd

October 2018 – Unheard Voices Project for Fingal County Council

The Solonian Democracy Institute (SDI) has been selected for a pilot project run by Fingal County Council and SMART Dublin. As part of the Unheard Voices Challenge, SDI will be developing an E-Participation Hub to consult residents of Mulhuddart in Blanchardstown on changes to the Tolka Valley Park.

For more information on Smart Dublin click here.


July 2018 – DemCon Convention in Dublin

From the 18th to 20th of July 2018 the Solonian Democracy Institute organised the first Democracy Convention (DemCon) in Dublin attended by academics, NGOs, activists, journalists and technologists from around the world. With over 25 speakers, DemCon focused on advancing innovations in democracy such as Participatory Budging, Universal Basic Income and Digital Democracy.

For more information about DemCon visit the convention website at http://www.demcon.org

June 2017 – Participatory Budgeting and Citizen Participation

On June 8th 2017, the Solonian Democracy Institute held its inaugural conference in Dublin, Ireland. The focus of the conference was Participatory Budgeting and Citizen Participation. The aim was to share best practices in PB, Citizens’ Assemblies and Digital Participation with politicians, activists and members of the public.

The conference was introduced by Dr. Roslyn Fuller of the Institute and featured talks by Tom Arnold (Chair of the 2012 Constitutional Convention in Ireland), Jez Hall of PB Partners in Manchester, Mayor Guss O’Connell of South Dublin County Council, Keith Moore of SmartVote.ie, and Denis Parfenov of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

The turnout was overwhelming and it was exciting to have so many interested people in the audience and so many great speakers to share their expertise in implementing these new forms of Citizen Participation.

Watch Presentations from the Conference below: